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Hey, we're Pat and Tam.

We met in a cafe in Newcastle many moons ago, both living the hospo' life. After spending a couple of years working for different roasters and having learned from some amazing mentors in the cafe scene, we were feeling super inspired to create something of our own and so we combined our shared passion for coffee and local seasonal food and launched The Branches. Our first incarnation was from the back of our van, bringing our boutique coffee to farmers markets and community events around NSW. We landed in the Northern Rivers, opened a cafe and have been living, laughing, roasting and brewing here ever since. We have a small, dedicated team behind us at the branches and feel fortunate to be able to share our passion on a daily basis. We love this region for its amazing local produce, tight knit community and focus on an alternative and sustainable lifestyle. We're incredibly grateful to have found our place here. For us its about the amazing people we meet along the way, having a strong connection to the land and community and knowing how and where our food is grown. Its about all of our wonderful customers, friends, family, local farmers and producers but above all... beautiful coffee! 


Our Coffee

We're always searching for new and interesting flavour profiles to share with our customers. We carefully select high grade specialty grade coffees and roast in a way that expresses the unique characteristics of each origin. Traceabilty and sustainability also play a big role in how we source our coffees. We aim to showcase the amazing work the people in our supply chain have done to bring these beautiful coffees to us, from the farmers and their families to processing mills and our sourcing partners, alot of effort goes into producing just one little cup of coffee (and thats before it even gets to us!) We source fresh cropped, direct and fair trade seasonal lots from close neighbours like Sumatra and Timor Leste to far away countries such as South America and Africa. 

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